Wednesday, February 22, 2017

School bus driver helps his passenger

Thomas Mitchell is a mechanic who repairs school busses in Clarksville, Tennessee. Sometimes he also drives them, when a regular driver is absent. Part of his route includes picking up special needs children, and that's when he noticed Lydia Despain, who goes to school in a wheelchair. There are stone steps in front of Lydia's house, but she uses a little aluminum ramp to get in and out. Sadly, it does not quite reach the top step, so it's a struggle for her every day.

Mitchell didn't know Lydia, but when he saw her struggling he called her mom and offered to build a "real" ramp as a gift. Her mom was very grateful, so Tom and some of his friends used lumber donated by a local hardwood store to build a brand new wooden ramp on the side of Lydia's house. Lydia's mom said, "I didn't even realize my predicament because I am so used to doing it."

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