Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tears of joy

As reported on Facebook, a little girl named Heloisa, who lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil, just turned six years old. She loves her grandparents, and for her EVERY elderly person is like a grandparent. So her mom, a photographer, asked Heloisa if she'd like to have her sixth birthday party at a home for the elderly. She loved the idea.

Mom contacted a local home for seniors and planned everything with the coordinator. She went a few days before the party and took a professional portrait of each resident. Family members of all the residents were invited to the party, where each resident gave his or her family a professional self-portrait. Then everyone joined in fun games and activities. There was so much joy! Everyone had such big smiles, and soon the residents and their families were crying for happiness. Heloisa will remember that birthday party for the rest of her life.

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