Saturday, February 11, 2017

Afghan translator safe in United States

Qismat Amin is one of 13,000 Afghans who have helped American troops serving in that war torn nation.  Captain Matthew Bell was one of those troops. The former Army ranger said Amin protected him during a mission in one of Afghanistan's most dangerous areas. Since then, Bell has returned to the U.S. and is a law student at Stanford University. Meanwhile, Amin waited two years for a visa to come to the United States. He went into hiding after receiving death threats from the Taliban for working with American troops. His visa finally arrived this month.

                                                                                                                              Associated Press
Afghanistan is not among the seven nations where refugee immigration was halted by President Trump, but Bell was told by officials that the list of nations might soon be expanded, so he paid $1,000 for Amin's ticket to fly to San Francisco immediately. For now, Amin will live in Palo Alto with Bell and his wife. Amin said he was nervous before the trip, but that quickly changed once he stepped off the plane to see people holding signs that said "Welcome to America" and "Welcome Home." Amin took a few minutes to call his mother and let her know he arrived safely, before going to see the ocean for the first time.

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