Monday, January 6, 2020

Subway serves up a "cheesy" treat

One day in 1997, Jordan Olsen, 17, showed up for his shift as a sandwich maker at the Subway in Kaysville, Utah. He remembers the day well. "This sounds cheesy, but I peeked my head around the corner, saw a new girl making somebody a sandwich, and I was done for. She was drop-dead gorgeous." After dating for four years, they were married. Now, in honor of their union almost 18 years ago, they decided to buy the restaurant where they met.

When Jordan and Jennifer learned the owners had decided to retire after thirty years in business and sell the store on Kaysville's Main Street, they took out a small business loan and returned to the sandwich line where they met as teenagers. "It sounds crazy, but to us it made perfect sense," says Jordan. "We've always been really fond of that Subway where we met, and the sandwiches aren't bad either."

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