Tuesday, January 28, 2020

A crumb from Liverpool, England

Sten Burke, 16, had just gotten home from the gym when he was approached by three men asking if he wanted to buy a bike. He was suspicious, since they were trying to sell a very expensive bike for less than $200, and a bike lock was still attached to the rear wheel. But he bought it anyway, and then posted a photo of it on social media in hopes of finding the original owner.

He explained, "I bought it so I can get it back to the right owner. I'd be heartbroken if it was taken from me. Give us a shout."  Within hours, Burke was contacted by a women who knew the bike's owner. His home had been burgled earlier that week. He had saved the small fortune needed to buy the bike, and was overwhelmed with gratitude for its return. He tried to repay Burke the money spent for the bike, but Burke refused to take it.

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