Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Prison adopts lost dog

For days, Michael Parker and his wife searched for their lost family pooch, named Soup, around Montgomery, Alabama. They posted notices on social media and contacted the local Humane Society. Finally their dog was seen  by Charles Brooks on the grounds of a prison where Brooks is plant maintenance supervisor. He found Soup lying next to a truck, looking scared. He'd lost his collar, but after Brooks gave him a biscuit, Soup liked him. As Soup followed Brooks around the prison, he became an instant celebrity with inmates.

They began giving parts of their dinner to Soup, so he could feast on chicken, roast beef, and even peach cobbler. He also tussled with the guard dogs. When Parker and Books finally met thanks to social media, Brooks whistled for Soup to join them. The excited pup immediately began jumping all over his owner as he lay on the ground in tears. After a few days, it was clear that Soup missed all his prison friends, so the Parkers resolved to bring him back to the correctional facility for regular play dates.

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