Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Who needs a gym when you can do this?

A little after midnight recently, three teens were on their way home when they noticed steam billowing from under the hood of a car stopped along Highway 20 in Fonthill, Ontario. Aeron McQuillin, Bailey Campell and Billy Tarbett are all car buffs, so they looked under the hood and told the woman driver she needed a new motor, and she should not start the car. She was upset, and told them she did not have any money for a tow.

That's when Billy suggested they push the car to the woman's home in Welland, since it was only four miles away. The teens grabbed their water bottles and pushed her Chevy Cobalt up a hill, and then two hours down the dark Merritville Highway, laughing, joking and appreciating the great "workout." Another stranger, Niagara Falls resident Dan Morrison, saw what the teens were doing and went into "Dad mode." He drove along behind them with lights flashing, to keep them safe. The rescue mission ended at four in the morning. Said 18-year-old Aeron, "this is something we can look back on in ten years and say it was crazy, but it was worth it."

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