Sunday, July 7, 2019

The ideal airline passenger

Seven-year-old Landon recently flew from his mom's home in Las Vegas, Nevada, to visit his father in Portland, Maine. His mother, Alexa Bjornson, was concerned for her son's safety, so she wrote a note for Landon to give to whoever sat next to him on the plane. It explained how he had high-functioning autism and might often ask, "are we there yet?" She reassured the reader that even if he was nervous during take-off, she'd packed snacks and games to keep him busy. She ended, "If you could find it in your heart to make him feel comfortable and safe, I'd be forever grateful. And she enclosed a $10 bill.

When Landon's plane landed in Portland, his mom received a text message from Ben Pedraza, who sat next to Landon on the flight. When Landon gave him the note, he was glad to help. He told Alexa how he and Landon chatted, and played several games of rock-paper-scissors. They also played video games and cracked jokes. After taking this selfie for her, he said it was a pleasure to help Landon, had donated the $10 to the Autism Society in Landon's name.

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