Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Delta flight reveals kindness

Ashley Ober, 16, flew recently from her home in Maryland to a conference at Rochester Institute of Technology National Technical Institute for the Deaf. She is deaf, and she had only flown alone once before. For her first flight, her mom Lynn took her onto the plane, and another family member picked her up. This time she wanted to be independent, and go through security by herself. When she finally boarded the Delta flight, something surprising happened.

One of the flight attendants gave her a hand-written note. Here's what it said. "Good morning, Ashley. My name is Janna and I will be your flight attendant on today's flight to JFK. There are two buttons above your head. A yellow one that controls the reading light, and a big gray one with a person on it that you  can use to call me if you need anything. In case of emergency, the nearest exit is behind you. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need any assistance. Again, my name is Janna and welcome aboard our aircraft."  Ashley took a picture of the letter and sent it to her mom, who wrote, "Accessible communication can be difficult for the deaf community. It's great when someone gets it right."

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