Friday, July 12, 2019

"Did order a sofa in my sleep?"

That's what San Diego, California, mom Isabella McNeil wondered when she received an alert on her phone that "your couch is shipped." But no, she wasn't sleep-ordering. A few days before, she'd been thinking of a new sofa and browsing through options on Amazon, on her cellphone.

                                                                                                            NBC 7 San Diego
While she was browsing, her 2-year-old daughter Rayna walked up and said, "Mama, phone. Mama, phone," so she handed the phone to her daughter. But she left the Amazon app open, and while Rayna was playing with the phone, she pressed the "Buy Now With One Click" button. Just like that, she bought a $430 tufted gray couch! Lessons learned? Isabella urges parents not to let children play with their phone unless all the apps are closed, and all the passwords are finger-print locked, "because kids are a lot smarter than we think," she said.

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