Tuesday, July 23, 2019

A Red Sox game he'll always remember

Sean Wetzonis, Pedro Lugo, Francisco Rios and one of their pals had tickets to see the Boston Red Sox play the Toronto Blue Jays at Fenway Park in Boston recently, when a family emergency prevented their pal from joining them. On the way to the park, they tried to decide who should get their extra ticket. Lugo said he wanted someone who would appreciate the ticket and have the time of his life. As they were passing a homeless man named John, they gave him some money and asked if he'd like to see a Red Sox game. He said, "Hell Yeah, let's go."

The young men happily escorted John to his seat and bought him a beer to enjoy during the game. As they all cheered from the stands, John seemed to enjoy the atmosphere of the stadium. Before he left, he shook hands with his three new friends. "He thanked us for everything," said Lugo. "Maybe the game helped alleviate the stresses that come along with being homeless. -- at least for a few hours at the game."

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