Monday, May 13, 2019

Who knew Jeeps were romantic?

Austin Tatman lives in Florida. When he was a little kid, he was best friends with a girl named Natalie. They were always together until they were five. Then she moved to Connecticut, and for a decade they were out-of-touch. But in high school, she tracked him down on social media and they started talking. Then they started dating.

Both are now 24 years old, and seven years after reconnecting they just got married. They say it only took two dates to realize they really liked each other. Now they're inseparable again. Their wedding was near Daytona Beach, and in their wedding photos they recreated an old picture that was taken of them as children. In the original, they are standing in Austin's toy Jeep Wrangler Power Wheel. So they took the same photo again, but this time in a real Jeep.

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