Friday, May 17, 2019

"Unadoptable" dog now a hero

Melissa Lambert of Waynesboro, Pa., really didn't want a dog. She and her husband were busy enough taking care of three children, ages three to eight. But then she met Edgar, a Treeing Walker Coonhound who turned up at the local humane society.  She adopted the 4-year-old who had spent his life on the streets and was once labeled by a shelter in West Virginia as "unadoptable."

Months later, the Lamberts are calling Edgar a hero for scaring off a man who entered their home looking for a child to abduct. It was night. Everyone was asleep when the man broke through a first-floor window on April 28. Edgar is a pretty calm dog, and was sleeping with the couple when he suddenly "went nuts." He was in a pure rage, and could not be quieted. That's when they heard footsteps on the kitchen floor downstairs. The intruder fled, and was arrested the next day. He admitted he was trolling the neighborhood looking for unsupervised children. But Edgar refused to let that happen. When the couple explained to police how the dog had "started losing his mind," they could hardly believe it

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