Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Total stranger adopts 2nd grade classroom

Last year, Elisabeth Milch disclosed her annual salary online.  It was $35,621 at the time. She teaches second grade at Whispering Wind Academy in Phoenix, Arizona. It's a Title I school, which means it has low-income students and receives federal funds to meet educational goals. But Milch often dips into have own pocket to meet students' needs, paying for lunches on field trips, and much more. Her story was featured on news outlets across the country, and then the magic happened.

A New York man named Ben Adam reached out to Milch on Facebook to ask if she needed help buying school supplies for her students. She remembers, "I'm thinking, this is crazy. This is a total stranger from New York." But when school started, Milch started getting Amazon packages. "I thought it was a one-time thing," she says, but Adam sent Milch supplies well into the second semester. He sent colored paper, books, paints, paintbrushes, snacks for the kids, and more. Later he asked if he could help other teachers, and he ended up adopting five more classrooms in addition to Milch's. All the teachers agree his kindness has improved the atmosphere of their classrooms.

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