Sunday, May 5, 2019

Good news from Blackburn College

Blackburn College (my alma mater) is in rural Carlinville, Illinois. It's the only college in the United States with a mandatory, student-managed work program. Each student is assigned a job on or near campus for several hours a week to reduce tuition. To stay at Blackburn, every student must participate, even if Daddy donates a library. Noted photojournalist Linda Solomon's national project, "Pictures of Hope," lets high school students compete for a "Dream Scholarship" -- a free ride at Blackburn.
Solomon gives selected students a photography lesson, a camera, and several weeks to capture their hopes and dreams in a photograph. This year's winner is Jordawn Green from Crater High School in Central Point, Oregon. A Blackburn College official says Solomon is "working with the same population we serve -- promising young people facing financial challenges that could prevent them from going to college." Winners of the scholarship, who meet other admission requirements, receive free tuition, room and board for four years.

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