Wednesday, February 13, 2019

What would you do if it rained money?

It happened last January 14. Kim Steenburg was on her way to the bank in Gloversville, New York, to deposit $8,500 for her father's property tax, and also to help pay for a honeymoon trip she planned with her husband, Rich, before he was killed in an auto accident. She intended to scatter his ashes at sea. While Kim fastened her niece's seatbelt, she placed the envelope of cash on the roof of the car, and forgot it was there.

                                                    Kim Steenburg and her late husband Rich.
Terry Brubaker happened to be driving through Gloversville that day when she suddenly saw pieces of paper falling from the sky. She had no idea what it was, but pulled over out of curiosity. Then she noticed paper bills, a LOT of them, so she dodged traffic and started picking them up. She found a total of $8,000, and took it to the local police station, where Kim was filing a report about the missing money. "I can't thank Terry enough for finding the money and returning it," said Kim.

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