Sunday, February 17, 2019

Former drug addict donates $9 million to help homeless

Tyson Fury is a heavyweight boxing champion, but for many years he struggled with drug addition and mental health issues. Now 30, he's nicknamed "The Gypsy King" in the ring, where last December he squared off against Deontay Wilder. Before the fight, he went to Los Angeles for a media conference and was shocked to see so many homeless people on the streets.

What he saw made him offer to donate the purse from his next fight to several United Kingdom charities that provide housing for recovering alcoholics and addicts.  After the fight, he told a reporter, "I did give away my last purse (roughly $9 million), but I don't do charity work for a pat on the back," he said. "I do it to help people, but I do not want praise for it. I don't want to be called a do-gooder."

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