Saturday, February 9, 2019

Dog saves neighbor's life

Noreen is 87 years old. She lives in Alexandria, Minnesota. A few days ago, when the temperature was below zero, she knew birds would be hungry and walked out to fill her bird feeder. She slipped in the snow and fell. There was nothing to grab onto, and she didn't have enough strength to lift herself up from the snow. So she lay there, for about half-an-hour.

That's when her neighbor, Tim Curfman, took out his trash, and his four-year-old black lab named Midnight went with him. The dog started acting strange. Her ears were perked up, so Tim decided to let her go and follow her. She led him right to Noreen. Time got Noreen inside and dry and warmed up, and she didn't suffer frostbite or any serious injuries. But she's sure Midnight saved her life, and Tim gave the lab an excessive amount of treats that night.

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