Friday, February 1, 2019

Poetry in motion?

If you ever wondered if practice makes perfect, consider this crumb shared by a reader in Indiana. Alysa Liu comes from Richmond, California. When she was only five, she entered a public skating session and her folks realized she might have potential. Her dad got her private lessons, and she practiced, and practiced, and practiced. She's much older now, almost fourteen, and last month she became the first American woman to land TWO triple axels --- one of the most difficult skating moves, in ONE program. The audience was astonished.

The 4-foot-seven inch teenager did it at the US Figure Skating Championships in Detroit. Since then, she's been described as "the future of US ladies' figure skating," but she never lets this go to her head. After all, she's too young to get a driver's license. She says, "I tell myself, 'don't think you're the best in the world. You're not the best -- yet.'"

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