Monday, July 9, 2018

Where else but Scotland?

When "Crumbs of Comfort started in August, 2014, it had one page view and one crumb. Between then and now, we've had over 106,000 page views (about 5,000 per month) from readers in the United States, France, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom and Korea. So thanks, everyone!

Today's crumb comes from Edinburgh, Scotland, where Social Bite, a charity with a chain of sandwich shops, trains and employs homeless men and women in their shops. But after work, employees had to go back on the street, until now. The charity is now building 10 small homes which can house up to 20 people for 12 months each.

The new "homeless" community will will offer job training, counseling, therapy, budgeting advice and education to help tenants get back on track before moving into more permanent accommodations. Once residents complete training and a year-long stay, Social Bite or its partner companies will have job opportunities waiting. By the way, all profits from Social Bite sandwich shops goes to charity. Now that's what we call "taking a bite out of poverty."

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