Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Free supplies for teachers

Ever since 2002, the Teachers' Warehouse in Bloomington, Indiana, has distributed free supplies to K-12 public school teachers in five counties. Last year the Warehouse welcomed 2,012 teachers, handing out $291,894 worth of classroom supplies.

When the doors opened this week, the first teachers went straight to the classroom supply room to stock up on basics: pens, binders, paper. Others hunted down science supplies in the STEM room. Some walked out with art paper large enough for a pre-schooler to trace their whole body onto, or printer paper and ink cartridges. Stuffed animals were available to children to cuddle during silent reading. Most teachers spend hundreds of dollars from their own pocket for classroom supplies, and Teachers' Warehouse, started by the Bloomington Rotary Club, saves them money.

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