Monday, July 23, 2018

Unusual birthday request

Adisynn Kiker lives in Tool, Texas, where she recently turned eight. Most kids her age would want a party with gifts and treats, but she had a different request. She told her friends and family that all she wanted was food for the rescue pets at the Humane Society of Cedar Creek, near her home. Her mom passed Adisynn's request along on Facebook, where it went viral.

 Donations poured in from businesses and individuals, and Adisynn and her mom helped collect them. In a few days, the shelter posted a list of everything received in Adisynn's name, including 580 pounds of cat litter, 11,591 pounds of dog food, 152 pounds of cat food, 43 gallons of bleach, 7 containers of laundry soap and 60 rolls of paper towels. Said a shelter spokesman, "Our fur babies greatly appreciate it."

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