Sunday, July 22, 2018

Suits for Soldiers

Hunter & Lords is a high-end menswear store in Columbus, Ohio. During the past four years, between July 4 and Labor Day, the company has asked people to nominate veterans or service members who could use a boost in confidence. Then the store selects eight vets or service members to receive free suits. And these suits are not off-the-rack. They are tailored. Everything from the socks and shoes to the jacket and shirt is custom-made, which is why an entire Hunter & Lords suit costs about $10,000.

"It's a lot easier to join the military than to leave it," says Capt. David Peters after receiving a suit. "The fear and anxiety I felt over the past year has been pretty powerful. This in some ways in like a message from the universe that I'll be okay, that I'll be able to make the transition." The mastermind of Suits for Soldiers, Jim Rieser, admits, "The expression on their face when that clothing goes on their back and when they have their kids watching and their wives watching, that's all I need to see and hear."

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