Tuesday, February 13, 2018

When grandpa is your best buddy

Maddie Sabourin, 18, of Rome, Georgia, and her grandpa, Sam Senseney, 63, have always been very close. For six years, Sam has needed a new kidney in order to end years of exhausting dialysis. "Watching papa just be on the transplant list for six years has been super hard," says Maddie. "We've always been really close. Sam's entire family, including friends, have been tested, but none are a match. Maddie is a perfect match, but she was too young, until this year when she turned 18.

                                                                             Maddie Sabourin's Facebook page
"This wasn't something I was going to let go," she said. "I knew that this was God's plan for me." She convinced doctors to let her donate, and made papa a surprise "change of address" card explaining that her kidney would be moving in with him. Sam says, "I just sat there looking at the card, and was like 'there's no way.'" Maddie says "papa is going to get all his energy back and live the life he did six years ago, and I'm going to get my best bud back."

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