Monday, February 5, 2018

7-year-old saves Dad's life

Ashley Bradburn, 29, of Loughborough, England, remembers going into the kitchen recently to make lunch for daughters Chloe, 8, and three-year-old Gracie May,when he felt severe pain in his chest and fell on the floor.  Chloe remembered, "I heard a thud and went downstairs and saw Daddy crying on the floor so I took Daddy's cell phone and dialed 999 because I knew he was hurt. I felt scared, and they told me to pump his heart seven times and make sure he was breathing." Chloe kept Gracie May calm and "I waited with Daddy until the ambulance came and then I let the ambulance people in."

                                                                                               East Midland Ambulance Service
Bradburn made a full recovery, thanks to Chloe's courage. She was only seven at the time. "We try to keep our daughters aware of what to do in an emergency," he said, "how to dial an ambulance and tell them our address." As shown above, Chloe was presented with the EMAS Laverick Award at Outer Edge Primary School in Loughborough, for showing great bravery during a frightening time.

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