Saturday, February 24, 2018

Denice Miracle lives up to her name

American Airlines employee Denice Miracle first noticed that something was strange when two girls, ages 15 and 17 approached her counter at the Sacramento, California International Airport last August. They were traveling alone, with almost no luggage. They had no IDs, and their first-class tickets to New York City were bought with a fraudulent credit card. All red flags.

Instead of letting the girls board the plane, Denice called police. The girls told officers that had been contacted on Instagram by a man named "Drey" who offered them $2,000 to fly to New York for a modeling gig. The girls never told their parents, and they both were shocked to discover the tickets were one-way only. It was a human trafficking plot, but the girls were soon reunited with their parents, who agree that Denice Miracle lived up to her name.

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