Sunday, April 16, 2017

The true face of Islam

The Unitarian Universalist congregation in Lansing, Michigan, is building a new church, but there have been unexpected delays. Many neighboring Christian churches have offered them temporary worship space until their edifice was finished, but Rev. Kathryn Bert did not want to disrupt another church's regular schedule. So she took an even better offer, one from the Islamic Society of Greater Lansing.

The Islamic Center does not hold formal worship on Sunday. The Unitarians held their first Sunday service at the temple on April 3. While the two faiths don't worship together, mosque members hosted coffee hour for the Unitarians after their service, and showed them around and answered questions. The Unitarians hope to be in their new edifice by May 1.


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  2. Of course, in principle the Unitarians could have met in any Christian church on a Saturday, since they are not specifically a Christian church, so there is nothing compelling them to meet on Sundays. Theirs is a "church" that officially has no creed.
    For information, see:

    Nevertheless, this story speaks very well of the Islamic Society of Greater Lansing!