Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Seven-year-old comforts grieving police

On March 22, Detective Jason Weiland of the Everest Metro Police near Wausau, Wisconsin, was killed in the line of duty. Seven-year-old Brady Duke heard about it, and could only imagine how the rest of the police force was feeling after the officer's death. He decided to comfort them by giving them his most valued possession, his Nintendo Wii.

                                                                                                         Wausau Police Department
Included with the console were some of Brady's favorite games. The officers were overwhelmed by the boy's generous gift, and the game console became popular at the station. Officers are encouraged to take breaks when they feel stressed and play a game. LEGO Star Wars is their favorite. In gratitude, the police invited Brady to the station for an afternoon of video game play, shown above. But that wasn't all. They also gave him a brand new game system as a thank-you. His mom wrote that Brady said playing with the officers was "the best day of his life so far," and then they gave him an XBOX360. "Brady is so thankful." And somewhere in heaven, Det. Weiland is smiling too.

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