Saturday, April 1, 2017

For 100th birthday, he wanted one gift

Bill Hansen worked at Hutchinson Plumbing and Heating in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, for 32 years as a permit coordinator. He retired three years ago, when he was only 97. Recently he turned 100, and wanted only one birthday present, to return to work for a day.

"I hate being retired," he said, so CEO Fred Hutchinson agreed to pay him $1.00 for a full day's work. When he arrived, he got a standing ovation and a birthday cake, but he wasn't there to party. He was there to work. Carl Canfield, the man Hansen trained to replace him, says he only hopes he can be "half the man" Hansen is. Hansen said he feels blessed. He credits his work, his wife and family for his happiness. They also inspired his newest goal -- to see his granddaughter graduate. "That'll be in 2024," he said.

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