Monday, April 17, 2017

Never give up hope! Here's why.

It happened in 2009. Courtney Connolly was working at a summer internship in Boston, Massachusetts, when her wallet was stolen from her car. This month, eight years later, someone gave the wallet to a Boston police officer. He located Connolly's address on a pay stub and brought it to her sister-in-law's house. When Connolly saw it, she was shocked.

Nothing in her wallet had been used, touched or stolen. It still contained $141.00 in cash, her social security card and ID. Even a fortune cookie message she taped into the billfold was still there. It said, "Soon you will receive some pleasant news." Connolly concluded, "Some way or another, the universe will come back and say, 'I see what you're doing. I know you're doing well. I know you're trying, so here's your thanks for trying.'" Connolly says she believes this "whole-heartedly."

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