Saturday, November 5, 2016

Why is airline passenger dressed like a donut?

Three-year-old Molly and her dad were flying out of Boston's Logan Airport late last month. They were en route to San Francisco. Some passengers wondered why Molly was wearing a donut costume until her dad gave everyone on the flight a note. Here's what it said.

                                                                                            Stephanie Kahan / Twitter
Molly was miffed that she'd miss trick-or-treating in order to take the flight on Halloween. So her dad gave each passenger some candy, and then Molly showed off her donut costume as she went down the aisle collecting treats. Fellow passenger Stephanie Kahan posted about the incident on Twitter where it got retweeted nearly 60,000 times and "loved" over 100,000 times! Molly's dad, who wishes to remain anonymous, made everyone on the flight a little happier by sharing Molly with them.

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