Thursday, November 17, 2016

About 300 people daily enjoy a "crumb of comfort"

This blog now has over 800 archived "crumbs of comfort" and is grateful for over 35,000 page views. Today's crumb comes from southeast England, were Melody Driscoll suffers with a rare neurological disorder. She was not expected to live more than four years, but now she's nine, and her favorite entertainer is Ed Sheeran. Some call him Melody's Prince Charming. Whenever pain threatened to destroy the child's will to live, her mother would put in a video of him singing, and Melody would start fighting back.

Melody's mom tried to get Sheeran to visit Melody in person, but it was difficult until local police began supporting the cause. Soon Sheeran's manager contacted Melody's mom, and the singer appeared at Melody's bedside at Epsom Hospital in Surrey on November 9. "Melody is still on cloud nine," writes her mom. "Whenever Ed's name is mentioned she starts smiling and giggling and tapping our phones so we can play videos of her with him. Then she kisses the phone."

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