Monday, November 21, 2016

On Thanksgiving, grandmas feed everyone

Jamal Hinton, 17, was sitting in class at Desert Valley High School in Mesa, AZ, when his phone lit up with texts from a group chat. One said, "Thanksgiving dinner is at my house on Nov. 24 at 3 p.m. Let me know if you're coming. Hope to see you all." Jamal was confused, so he texted back asking who the sender was. She said she was his grandma.

Jamal was still doubtful, so he asked for her picture, and when it arrived, it was obvious the woman was NOT his grandma.  He sent a selfie of himself back to the mystery woman, showing her they were not related, but asked if he could come to her Thanksgiving dinner anyway? She replied, "Of course you can. That's what grandmas do...feed everyone. The exchange has gone viral online, and the woman is now being called "everyone's grandma."

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