Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mom's artistry helps son feel loved

When Huxley Harvey, 4, goes to pre-school each morning, he takes his lunch in a paper bag, but not just any paper bag. Every night after Huxley goes to bed, his working mom Angela sits down to draw an exciting picture on tomorrow's lunch bag. She has no art training, but has enjoyed seeing her work evolve from simple doodles to elaborate illustrations.

                                                                                                                           Angela Harvey
"I usually consult him first on what he'd like on his lunch bags, but I can only do Power Rangers so many times before I switch it up on him," she says. Angela insists she's not a super-mom. When she doesn't always have time to do a bag, she ends up with "a despondent toddler that doesn't have an ankylosaurus on his lunch bag that day." Bottom line? She feels her lunch bag pictures are just a little way she can "make my kid feel special and loved."

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