Saturday, November 19, 2016

How immigrants coexist in Canada

It happened in North York, Ontario. Salma Hamidi was riding the subway when a Latino man came on board, put his head in his hands, and kept saying, "Oh God." A Russian man with an accent asked if he was okay. The Latino said he had a bad headache and was going to a job interview. Salma offered him an Advil, which he took, saying "thank you," but without any water, he could not take it.

A middle eastern woman wearing a hijab took a juice box from her child's backpack and gave it to the Latino man, telling him to take the pill now and he'd feel better by interview time. The Russian man advised him to walk confidently, and tie his hair back, if he could. A Chinese teenager sitting nearby overheard his remark and gave the Latino man a hair tie from her own wrist.  The Muslim lady told him to smile a lot, and apologize if he arrived late, but make no excuses. When the Latino man's station arrived, his fellow passengers waved and wished him good luck as he left the car.

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