Sunday, November 22, 2015

Side dish of Thanksgiving kindness

Ever hear of the AUMP church? Technically, it's the African Union Methodist Protestant church, established in 1813 in Wilmington, Delaware. It currently includes about 40 congregations in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland. Today's crumb honors the New Jerusalem AUMP church on Woodstown Road in Mannington, NJ, (pictured here) where the congregation of about 23 women needed a few men to help with building maintenance.

For some years, inmates at the Salem County Correctional Facility have gone into the community to help non-profit groups with repairs, cleaning, painting, etc. Four inmates gave hours of service to beautify this small church, but when they arrived on Wednesday, Nov. 18, they were surprised to be served a hearty meal -- a thank-you from the congregation. "We're just a little church on the side of the road, but we have all the love in the world," explained Evangelist Althea Saunders, adding that "they are our brothers, not inmates. We are grateful and love them as they are."

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