Thursday, November 5, 2015

Great attitude for high altitude

Martha "Marty" Cobb of Lubbock, TX, is a single Mom who raised three children, Haley, 24, Hagen, 20, and Heath, 23, to successful adulthood. Her kids always knew she was awesome, and now they're glad the world knows too. How did the world find out? Nine years ago, Marty landed her dream job as a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines. Before long she realized nobody listens to important pre-flight announcements, so she converted hers into a comedy routine. Now passengers remember every word and tell their friends. Among other things, she explains that "this is a no smoking, no complaining, no whining flight," and "just do what we say, and nobody will get hurt." She explains that in case of loss of cabin pressure, masks will drop from overheard. "Place the mask over your nose and mouth and insert 75 cents for the first minute of oxygen." She ends by inviting passengers to "sit back and relax, or sit up and be tense."

                                                                                                                                       Youtube photo
Someone suggested she record her monologue, so before one take off she handed her phone to another flight attendant. Her kids showed her how to get the clip off her phone onto YouTube, where it has been watched over 11 million times. Then came an invitation to appear on the Ellen De Generes Show.  Ellen praised Marty for making passengers relax and listen to the announcements. Marty wept when she received several thousand dollars worth of store debit cards and a check for $10,000 to help cover college tuition for her children. Since appearing on Ellen, Marty has made a commercial for Southwest and may do more in the future. But for now, she says, "I'm going to pass out peanuts and clean up after 137 people. Stand-up isn't a goal I've had, but I've prayed a lot about it, and whatever happens, happens." To watch the fast-paced 3-minute video she uploaded to YouTube, turn up your volume and visit

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