Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Another police "incident" that made few headlines

Someone called the police in Roeland Park, KS, last September to report a suspicious person in Sweeney Park -- a vagrant on a bench. You can't be too careful, so officer Zach Stamper responded. The vagrant turned out to be Sam Meixueiro. Sam admitted to a checkered past, and told officer Stamper he lost his home and had been sleeping in a church. But he has no intention of losing his job, so he walks to work each day -- two and a half hours each way -- from Kansas City to Mission and back. He just stopped in the park to rest before resuming his hike.

                                                                                                                            Photo by FOX4KC.com
Officer Stamper gave Sam a ride to work that morning, but then realized he could do more. "I couldn't imagine spending five hours a day traveling back and forth to work, let alone on foot," he said. So 30 minutes later he returned to Sam's workplace with a nearly-new bike, and a knapsack so Sam could carry his stuff while riding. "I cried. I couldn't believe it," Sam told FOX news. "Any kind of help is such a blessing." "It made my day. It made my career," said officer Stamper, after he and Sam swapped phone numbers and agreed to stay in touch.

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