Monday, November 16, 2015

"Chance meeting" changes homeless man's life

James Moss lived in New York City, where you can't see the stars at night. He wanted more for his little son Zhi, so he arranged for a job and housing in Denver, CO, where majestic starlit mountains are a common sight. But after he arrived, his job and housing both fell through. He had no food, shelter or car and his bus tickets back to the Big Apple were stolen. With nothing left except his son and his optimism, he was walking down a street and happened to meet British TV host Leon Logothetis, who was filming a show about random acts of kindness. He interviewed James on the spot and could hardly believe his upbeat attitude. As the camera rolled, James predicted, "I guarantee in a month's time I'll make anything happen that needs to happen."

Logothetis was so impressed that he paid for James to spend a week in a hotel, and gave him $1,000. But more blessings awaited the optimist. A stranger in Kansas who saw the interview on Youtube started a GoFundMe campaign for James and his son. Within on week, it raised $39,000 for the pair. The money will help James buy a car to get to his new job, since he was just hired as a barber. All this thanks to a chance meeting on a Denver street.

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