Friday, October 23, 2015

Why is this town called Loveland?

Maybe it's because the residents of Loveland, Colorado, are loving? Take the folks at King Soopers market in the Thompson Valley Towne Center, for example. They noticed one customer, Melody Leach, who brought her daughter when she shopped for food. Little Beatrice, 3, has cerebral palsy, and no longer fits into the standard shopping cart infant seat. Since she can't walk, her Mom has to push her in a wheelchair with one hand with pushing a food cart with the other. It's not easy, as she told assistant manager Mike Myers. Since this is Loveland, Mike sent a request to management to order a special cart. It arrived on October 13, and here it is.

                                                                                                             Jenny Sparks/Loveland Reporter-Herald

As you can see, it has an extra-comfortable child seat facing the person pushing the cart. The child is strapped in with a five-point harness. "The special cart allows (Beatrice) to relax," said Leach. "It's got lots of support." But it has more than that. Although available for any shopper with special needs, store employees have named it Beatrice's Cart. For her first ride, they decorated it with pink ribbons, plastic flowers and six balloons. They also have plans to decorate it for each holiday. Store manager Randy Klatt is grateful Leach brings her daughter shopping with her. "She's certainly the talk of our store because she's so precious," he said. "Everybody that's met her fell instantly in love with her." But what else would you expect in Loveland?

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