Thursday, October 8, 2015

It all grew from one seed

Katie Stagliano of Summerville, SC, was in third grade when she got an unusual homework assignment. She had to grow a cabbage from just one seed. She planted the single seed near her house and every day she watered it. She also fertilized it, and as it grew, her Grandpa helped her build a cage so it was safe from deer. When fully-grown, it weighed 40 pounds, and she donated it to a local soup kitchen. After helping serve her cooked cabbage to 275 people, she had an "aha" moment. If one cabbage can feed 275, would would a garden do?

Her school, Pinewood Prep, donated a football field-sized lot which has been cultivated by students. Today it donates over 3,000 pounds of produce annually to soup kitchens and directly to families in need. Katie is 17, and her organization, Katie's Krops, has raised over $300,000 to enable kids between the ages of nine and 16 to grow vegetables and feed the hungry in their own communities. Other kids were eager to follow her example, and today Katie's Krops has 80 youth-run gardens in 29 states.  All from one seed. To learn more, visit

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