Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pre-teens play classical music in subway for homeless

When Lauren, Ashleigh and Christian Conner moved from New Jersey to New York City last year, they were shocked at how many homeless people they saw on the streets. Lauren is 11, Ashley is 10 and Christian is nine. He felt sad for the homeless and asked his folks to give him money for them. His Mom told him, "If you want to give money to the homeless, then go out there and play your cello." All three children have played instruments since they were toddlers, so they set up music stands in a corner of the Fulton Street Subway Station and played pieces by Beethoven and Bach for two hours while passers-by listened in amazement.
                                    From left: Lauren, Ashley and Christian        Photo by THE CONNER FAMILY

So far they've raised over $500. They expect to raise more before making a gift to the homeless, but Christian wants to help them as soon as he can. "He gets sad if he doesn't have money for the homeless," said Ashleigh. "So he's like 'I really need that money.'"

When they aren't astonishing commuters on the subway, the three siblings play classical music for sick children at Columbia Presbyterian Children's Hospital. Otherwise, except for hours of practicing their instruments, they're pretty much like other kids.

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