Wednesday, October 21, 2015

He'd apologize to his teachers for his arrogance

Lloyd Granaas and his wife have retired to The Villages, reportedly Florida's friendliest hometown. But before that, they lived 40 years (on and off) in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, where he enjoyed a 28 year career with Lincoln Electric. His seven children multiplied into 13 grandchildren and then two great-grandchildren, and his message to all of them was "stay in school." Why? Because his only regret was dropping out of high school at age 17. He did it to join the Navy, but soon realized he'd need more education to succeed in life. If he could turn the clock back, he'd apologize to his teachers for his arrogance. Instead, he earned his GED and enrolled in any Navy schools available to him.

                                                                                                             Jeff Piorkowski/Special to Sun News
While serving on active duty from 1959 to 1970, he fought in the Bay of Pigs and Vietnam. Several times over the decades, he contacted Cleveland Heights High School to request his sheepskin based on life experience, but they declined until his latest request caught someone's attention. He was invited to the Cleveland Heights Board of Education meeting on October 6, where he received a beautifully framed honorary diploma which now fills the empty spot on his wall. "It's the one thing I really wanted to have," he said."

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