Monday, February 22, 2021

She still hasn't stopped singing

 At the end of the Great War (WWI), Amy Hawkins was 7-years-old and loved to sing and dance. When she was a teenager she decided to be an entertainer, until her mom said it was not a respectable occupation for a young lady. Today, the supercentenarian chanteuse lives in Monmouth, South Wales, surrounded by her four generation family, including granddaughter Hannah Freeman, and Freeman's 14-year-old son Sacha. Even thought she no longer does it professionally, Hawkins has never stopped singing. 

"She's like a clock," says Freeman. "Once you wind her up, she won't stop. She just keeps asking, 'Would you like another one?'" On Hawkins' 110th birthday, Sacha videoed his great-gran singing one of her favorite WWI tunes, "It's a Long Way to Tipperary." When Freeman jokingly suggested Sacha post it to TikTok, neither of them could have imagined the upbeat response it would receive, reaching 100,000 views and a bevy of emotional accolades in just days.

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