Thursday, February 4, 2021

It's Girl Scout cookie time again

 Girl Scout Troop 6000 may look like most other troops, but it's not. All 22 young members of the troop live at the Sleep Inn, a 10-story homeless shelter in Queens, New York City. Troop 6000 is the first troop designed specifically for girls living in the New York City Shelter System.

The troop has become an invaluable part of raising the shelter girls. Since it began, it has served girls from kindergarten to high school. "Every girl in the five boroughs of New York City deserves a chance to reach her full potential; to have her eyes opened to the possibilities for college and careers, to make loving and supportive friends and learn from caring female mentors, and chart her own course and achieve her goals," say a Girl Scout representative. "That's what Troop 6000 is all about."

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