Thursday, February 11, 2021

An example of pandemic kindness

A pair of family friends from Westerly, Rhode Island, jumped into their snow gear and shoveled out the cars of hospital workers in the midst of a recent winter storm. Abbey Meeker, 29, and her best friend's 10-year-old son, Christian Stone, love giving back in small ways whenever they can. But when the storm hit, Stone (who Meeker says is "wise beyond his years") decided to give back by helping those working around the clock to help the community recover from the pandemic.

They bundled up and headed to Westerly Hospital where they shoveled out more than 50 cars. When the staff came out and saw the duo wiping away car after car, they were beyond grateful and asked to pay them for their services. But Meeker says it was never about money. She told them, "Your storm is inside. This is our storm to handle."


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