Thursday, November 12, 2020

When he's not protecting, he's serving

 Dave Jones and his girlfriend, who is from Umbria, Italy, were hiking in the California mountains two years ago when they ran out of food and needed to resupply. They were near the town of Independence and hoped they could hitch a ride to Bishop, 42 miles away. As they walked to the edge of town, their hearts sank as a police cruiser pulled up. They've never forgotten what happened next.

Out stepped officer Adam Otten. Instead of writing them a ticket for hitchhiking, he gave them a lift. They were both hungry, so he stopped along the way at his dad's BBQ restaurant, the Copper Top Grill, where Dave enjoyed a pulled pork sandwich and his girlfriend ate a mound of potato salad. Then Officer Otten drove them safely to Bishop, before returning home. He told the couple that his job was to protect and serve. "When I'm not protecting, I'm serving."

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