Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Dads who never baked start cookie competition

 Last April, two dads who live in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, decided to have a bake-off, mostly out of boredom. Scott McKenzie, 58, baked the first bunch of chocolate chip cookies. "I made an absolute mess of the kitchen," he admitted, "but the cookies were actually pretty good." He posted a photo of his cookies on Facebook, when Jeremy Uhrich, 42, a fellow Huntingdon dad and longtime friend, challenged him to a cookie competition.

They asked Huntingdon Borough Mayor David Wessels to pick the winner, and delivered the rest of their cookies to essential workers after the victor was named. Then the dads got an idea. They created  Facebook group called "Cookies for Caregivers," hoping some neighbors might bake treats for essential workers. Within  few days, the group had over 100 members eager to participate. Over the past eight months, the dads (now known around town as "the cookie guys") and their 100 volunteer bakers have made more than 15,000 cookies for caregivers.

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