Wednesday, November 4, 2020

"That's how my parents raised me"

 High school runner Ben Boardley didn't realize his sportsmanship could have resulted in disqualification, but it wouldn't have mattered. In a recent Indiana state cross-country run at Terre Haute, the Penn High School runner saw Brebeuf Jesuit's Faizan Khan fall as both approached the finish. Boardley stopped to help, pulling on Khan's left arm to riase him to his feet before both continued running.

"I just kind of saw it and did it," Boardley said later. "I guess that's how my parents raised me. They taught me to treat others how I'd want to be treated, and to be helpful when I can." By rule, a runner can be disqualified for assisting another. But an Indian High School Athletic Association official reviewed the incident and decided no violation had occurred. 

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