Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Pandemic provides more time for reading

New York City's Strand Bookstore is known worldwide for its "18 miles of books." A Greenwich Village fixture since 1927, it's the only remaining one of 48 bookstores that once ran the length of 4th Avenue's famous Book Row. The pandemic has reduced foot-traffic, and proprietor Nancy Wyden, granddaughter of the store's original owner, feared she might have to close the Strand for good, so she reached out to her customer base and pleaded for help.

 The Strand's loyal clientele responded with an avalanche of 25,000 orders over a single weekend. The orders crashed the store's website and brought in about $200,000 in sales. (One enthusiastic Bronx patron ordered 197 books!) The store is not out of danger yet, but it's feeling much better.

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